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Custom Fireplaces

We can work with your design, or we can create a very unique custom fireplace using an array of materials. Patina Yard works with all types of metal such as brass, patina metal and zinc and everything in between. Along with metal, we work with wood and glass to design striking custom fireplaces that are a room focal point. We do fireplaces from luxury homes and condos to high rise buildings and resorts. We have over twenty-five years of design experience of custom fireplaces and have done them in New York City, Texas, California, Chicago, Scottsdale and all over the country. Here in our hometown of Phoenix, we do all the installations of the fireplace surrounds and when doing fireplaces for out-of-town projects; we design our fireplaces to be able to be installed by others making a plan with drawings and phone support.

zinc metal fireplace surround and wood walls

The above fireplace surround is patina-ed pure zinc and surrounding walls are ash wood stained with a weathered gray finish.


hot rolled steel fireplace

Chicago Hot Rolled Steel Fireplace

Custom raw hot rolled fireplace is a beautiful focal point in this space. We shi

copper fireplace with hot rolled steel

Prescott Custom Copper Fireplace

This beautiful and artistic copper fireplace sits perfectly in the Prescott home

metal and glass fireplace

Painted Mirror and Patina Metal Fireplace

Beautiful painted mirrors in the center of the fireplace with patina metal panel

hot rolled steel fireplace

Hot Rolled Steel Fireplace

Hot rolled steel fireplace that has a patina to darken the metal up.

modern patina steel 3 sided fireplace

New York Patina-ed Fireplace

    We built this fireplace and shipped this fireplace to NY to be ins

hot rolled steel fireplace round rivets

Missouri Hot Rolled Steel Fireplace with Rivets

We custom created this hot rolled fireplace with rivets and shipped it to Missou

cold rolled copper patina hearth

Steel Fireplace Hearth

This steel patina-ed hearth and inset candle stand is a perfect addition to this

rolled rolled steel and rivet pop out fireplace

Texas Hot Rolled Steel Fireplace with Rivets

We built this beautiful industrial contemporary fireplace out of hot rolled stee

contemporary hot rolled steel fireplace

Kansas Hot Rolled Steel Fireplace

We shipped these beautiful contemporary raw hot rolled steel panels to Kansas fo

Steel wall facade above fireplace

Fireplace Wall Steel Facade

  Hot rolled steel wall fireplace facade really adds an extra flare to this

metal hearth and screen

L.A. Metal Fireplace with Hearth and Screen

Custom metal hearth patina-ed and a screen we designed, lasered and welded for t

modern patina steel 3 sided fireplace

New York 3 Sided Steel Fireplace

3 sided cold rolled steel fireplace that was fabricated and shipped to New York

contemporary metal panels patinaed fireplace

Contemporary Patina Metal Fireplace

This contemporary fireplace has cold rolled steel panels that we patina-ed with

hot rolled steel fireplace with live edge

Hot Rolled Steel with Live Edge Mantel

This beautiful hot rolled steel fireplace has a live edge mantle and is a statem

hot rolled steel fireplace with large rivets

Hot Rolled Steel Fireplace with Large Rivets

Hot rolled steel panels with large round rivet gives this fireplace a contempora

reclaimed wood and crete board fireplace with hot rolled mantle and hearth

Custom Reclaimed Wood and Crete Board Panels

Warm urban contemporary fireplace with reclaimed wood and crete board for the fa

zinc metal fireplace surround and wood walls

Custom Zinc Fireplace

Zinc fireplace surround has patina and matte clear finish.

Charred Wood Fireplace

Shou Sugi Ban

  Shou Sugi Ban / Charred wood fireplace with brush stainless steel in seam