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Shaker Barn Doors


Custom Shaker Barn Doors AKA Wood Painted Doors

We make custom shaker barn doors; keeping sharp, straight and clean lines which gives the shaker style barn doors a minimalist look. We can do a variety of styles as well as incorporate glass panels in these doors.  This is a very classic and traditional style. Great colors as well as stains really make the finish on these painted wood barn doors. Email us today to get started on designing the best barn doors for your home. Call or Email us today to get started on designing your door today!

Why are our shaker wood barn doors better than the rest?

Wood barn doors are typically 1 1/2” thick and many other companies will build their doors using 1 1/2” thick wood. The problem is that the doors are more susceptible to warping. When making a front exterior wood door, we use two pieces of 3/4” thick wood and glue them together with opposing grain to make your 1 1/2” thick piece of wood. This is done so that the opposing grain will keep the door from warping. This process is more labor intense and takes much more effort, however, it is the correct way of building these doors.  Along with the foundation of the wood part of the doors, we use high quality paint to paint our shaker wood barn doors. Painting the wood barn doors take a lot of time as we spray them, sand them and spray them again and again until we get a great finish.

Shipping Barn Doors

Shipping our custom shaker sliding barn doors is not problem. We get discounts that we pass along to you. We crate all the doors in plywood crates with foam to protect them.

black shaker double barn doors with frosted glass panels

Black Shaker Barn Doors

The first satin black barns we have done with satin black hardware and barn door

shaker style door with mirror panes

Shaker And Mirror Door

Shaker and mirror door with the mirrors inset consist of a solid wood door and i

white shaker double doors with frosted glass panels

New York Loft Barn Doors

  New York loft barn doors are great shaker style doors. These doors were m

3 panel shaker style barn door

Shaker Painted Wood Barn Door

  Shaker painted wood barn doors can be painted any color and are made from

satin glass and wood shaker barn door

Large Satin Glass Door

  Large satin glass door is made with a solid wood frame and satin glass pa

traditional shaker barn door

White Shaker Barn Door

  Painted white barn door with black antique patina-ed barn door hardware a

navy blue shaker double barn doors

Navy Blue Shaker Double Barn Doors

  Shaker barn doors are made using a solid poplar hardwood mortise together

double kitchen pass through barn door shaker style

Double Shaker Style Barn Doors

  Kitchen pass through double wood barn doors made of alder wood. Double ba

mirror with wood shaker barn door

Shaker Style Barn Door With Mirror

  The shaker doors are a popular style door seeing that it is a transitiona

frosted glass panels in a shaker style wood frame

Simple Painted Barn Door with Satin Glass

  This door is a simple design with a solid wood frame, satin glass and sta

traditional ranch style barn door with box rail track painted blue

Traditional Style Barn Door

  Barn door is made of wood that has been mortised together making it a stu

shaker patina steel barn door

Shaker Style Wood Door with Metal Mesh Inset

Shaker doors are classic and timeless. This shaker door is made from solid wood

shaker painted wood and frosted glass barn door

Shaker and Satin Glass Panels Barn Door

Shaker doors are classic. These doors fit perfect for any space and home style.

large 4 panel shaker barn door

Oversized Shaker Barn Door

Shaker doors are classic; blending with almost any style in the home. We build d

master bedroom painted wood barn door with satin glass

5 Panel Satin Glass Shaker Style Barn Door

Custom 5 panel shaker style door has satin tempered glass panels with a clean fi

painted wood and mirror barn door

Custom Mirror Shaker Style Barn Door

Clean and classic shaker style barn door with a full length mirror inset. The ha

painted white shaker style barn door with stainless steel hardware

Shaker Panel Barn Door

Shaker style are a classic design and really can dress up the space.

wood and mirror barn door and track

White Oak Shaker Barn Door with Mirror

This barn door has a solid white oak frame and stained with an inset of a mirror

painted white shaker barn door with stainless steel hadware

3 Panel Shaker Style Door with Rain Glass

Clean and classic 3 panel rain glass shaker barn door.

white shaker 3 panel

White Shaker 3 Panel Door

Classic and clean looking 3 panel shaker style door with brushed stainless hardw

single panel shake style door

Single Panel Shaker Style Barn Door

Traditional style one panel barn door painted in a clean white paint.