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Live Edge Slab Table

Live Edge Wood Slab Tables

Patina Yard can help you pick the best live edge wood slabs for you live edge wood table for your project and design a custom base to go with it. There are may types of woods to use and endless styles of bases to be made. When making a live edge slab dining table to want to make sure the slabs we are purchasing are fully dry and of a hardwood along being straight. Soft live edge wood will get banged up from dropping plates and sliding stuff around. When making the live wood edge slab kitchen or dining room tables we like to book match the slabs the the grain lines up in the middle. Typically we would use tow live edge slabs and joined them together with the grain matching both side where they are joined. Let use design a live edge wood table for you.

executive conference walnut and industrial metal base


walnut live edge table with chunky metal base

Live Edge Slab Tables

\ Walnut Live Edge Table with Custom Metal Base Walnut live edge tables are grea