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Custom Interior Metal Work

Custom Metal Work

Patina Yard can build anything out of metal whether it’s your design or ours. Our fabricators use the TIG welding technique which gives the metal a really refined look and finish. We provide AutoCAD drawings of all work for pre-approval to assure the work is accurate. We work with well-equipped vendors providing laser work, forming, water jetting, plating and suppliers that supply reclaimed barn wood, metal, hardware and glass to provide the very best quality of work. We can make metal doors, bases, tabletops, fireplaces, wall features, brass bistro shelves and much more. The metal is usually finished with a patina. The fun really begins as the patina finishes are really an art process and we can create some really cool finishes. No two creations are the same and we love challenging projects.


Custom Metal Arch

Custom Metal Bristo Shelves

Custom Interior Metal and Glass Shelves

Custom metal shelving in the bistro style with brackets with glass shelves. We c

custom made metal arch

Custom Metal Arch

We worked with a designer to custom weld up this arch using two thickness of dec