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Pricing Custom Barn Doors

Custom Barn Door Pricing

This page gives a rough idea on what our price points are. We build all types of barn doors and furniture. Everything we create is custom and high quality. We are always designing or tweaking ideas to meet your design needs.  It’s almost impossible to have some kind of standard price for our doors as all of the doors are customized in some way.  Below we have examples with photos and the cost of that project to help with an idea of cost.

Contemporary Metal Glass Door Pricing

Metal and Glass Pantry Doors Rough Price

These industrial contemporary style metal and glass hinged doors using the thinnest metal we can use that would work for this application. The frame is a 3/4″ wide with a 1/2″ wide piece butted up next to it to hold the glass. These doors are made using tempered clear glass with patina-ed metal and a matte clear finish, four handles that are welded to the doors, door frame with counter sunk holes for screwing in along with all the installation hardware needed. All hardware come patina-ed to match the door frames. The price of 3′ x 9′ doors are roughly $3,600 without shipping or installing here in the Phoenix area. We do offer additional options such as antique mirrors, all […]

metal ware house style barn door

Warehouse Style Metal Barn Door

Metal warehouse style barn doors are mostly made using a hollow wood core that we build and skin with a thin layer of sheet metal attached by a very strong adhesive. We do this just to help keep the weight down because metal adds up fast in weight. There many different options with these metal sliding barn doors like the patina metal finish which is typically on regular steel. There is other metals we use such as brass, copper, aluminum, zinc and galvanized metal. All types of finishes, handles, metal bands around the door in steel or brass and rivets at the seams. A metal barn door similar to this one that is roughly 42” x 108” costs roughly $3,925 […]

Wood veneer barn door

Modern Veneer Barn Door

Modern Contemporary Laminate Sliding Barn Door This modern Contemporary barn door has a textured wood laminate panels with brushed aluminum between the seams of the panels, brushed stainless band around the edge of the door with brushed stainless steel hardware. This doors rolls super smooth and quite. We offer many different types of wood veneers, laminates, we could use a really nice wall paper or brushed brass accents. A 38” x 108” door roughly costs $3,100 including track, handles and hardware are included.

High Quality Stained Wood Barn Door

Stained Wood Barn Door With Clavos

This custom barn door isn’t built the easy way just using 1 1/2” thick wood. It’s done the hard way which is to make it stay straight without warping, cracking or coming apart. The door is constructed using two pieces of 3/4″ wood with opposing grain, laminating them together, then re-milling the parts and mortise and tenon them together. We use all types of great wood such as white oak, walnut, ash, maple, mahogany and more. This door has large square clavos and a castle style cast handle and is made from knotty alder and stained. The track is made by us and can be pre drilled or not. Our tracks can hold a lot of weight and are easy to […]

Painted wood shaker barn door

Painted Wood Style Barn Door

Painted wood doors from a distance all look good but ours looks great close up. We build these doors to stay straight, building them the hard way with refined painted finishes in any color. These doors can have glass panels, full length mirrors or panels to match. It’s all about the details of making a great door. We typically make all the barn door hardware, pockets handles and pulls with all American metal built to last.  These painted wood barn doors will always look good as time goes on. A 102” x 36” door with the track, 12” blacken iron pocket handles, double rollers, floor guide and all installation hardware needed roughly cost $3,200.

large metal and glass barn doors

Large Metal and Glass Barn Doors

Clean contemporary thin and beautiful metal and glass barn doors like these makes a room. These are all made by us here at our shop with all American metal and glass along with all the other materials to make them. The frames and glass stops are all pure steel with super clean welds that are all ground flat and clean. The metal and glass barn doors all get a black patina and matte clear finish which is very durable.  We can use antique mirrors or textured glass or even texture glass that has been antiqued. We also can make thicker metal frames as well for a heavier industrial look. The metal and glass barn doors in this photo are roughly […]