Patina Yard Custom Doors / Doors

These Patina Yard vintage industrial furniture pieces are for sale as designed or can be redesigned to fit your design needs. Patina Yard will be coming out with new designs and concepts of retro industrial furniture along with contemporary furniture on a regular basis so please keep coming back to see our work or join us on Like us on Facebook to keep current with our work.

Charred wood pivoting door in Scottsdale

Charred Wood Pivoting Door

Charred wood pivoting interior bedroom door with custom handle and patina metal; glides with a smooth ease. Door was designed and installed by Patina Yard in a home in Scottsdale with a look of its own.... read more/comment

Custom Stainless Steel Sliding Pocket Door

Stainless Steel Sliding Doors

Sliding stainless steel doors in front of a wet bar in a Scottsdale home in Desert Mountain have a sharp modern look that slides back into a pocket. ... read more/comment

industrial style blacken iron and glass doors and

Custom Blackened Iron and Glass

Doors and windows are made using iron with a blackening patina and tempered satin glass. The industrial warehouse style iron and glass doors are for a den office utilizing the satin finish on the glass for a little privacy. The glass can be clear or any type of glass as long as it can be tempered. Call or Email us what you are looking for and we will help you with your design needs. ... read more/comment